Wednesday, October 1, 2008 Who is googling you | Who is googling me whose googling you and me in google
Another social networking site!

This newest social networking site offers options to find and post jobs, create and join groups, get yourself in professional directories.

The one feature that is interesting is when someone googles you and finds your Ziggs page, you'll instantly get an e-mail that tells who was Googling you and a little information about them. Kind like of spying.

Ziggs also say that they can manipulate where you appear on search engine lists , that's awesome right? but there is a catch though. It comes with a fee, the first month is free and then after that it's $4.95 a month.

Thanks but no thanks, I have my multiply and i think i'll stick with my multiply and its much cooler features like the multiply AutoUploader ( the easiest way to add photos and video to Multiply ).

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