Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My First Review On Google Chrome

google chrome beta
Google announced yesterday the lunching of their new browser called "Google Chrome" and the availabily for downloading the beta version is offered for Windows owners only, just yet.

This morning i thought of downloading it and check it out for myself, installing was quick and easy. It just take a seconds, Chrome will just asked to import the data from the browser you prefered to choose then your off.

The first thing I noticed in the homepage are the thumbnails of the most visited site. After doing little bit of surfing, it displays the web sites I visited, just click thumbnails or the link and you go straight to them. You can see all the pages you visited when you click the 'show full history' link just below the thumbnails.

The next thing I noticed that this new browser is super fast, it load pages very quickly and efficiently, well you just have to see it and judge for yourself.

Like Firefox, Chrome also offers tab browsing, it is place above address bar and it each tab have its own address bar. They say this is designed so that if a site crashes in one tab, it will not affect the whole browser.

Chrome also features an incognito mode, it means that if you view pages in that mode, it won't appear in your browser history.

This google Chrome impresses me, after just a little time using it. Many of its ideas are borrowed from other browsers, but it has real potential.

You can download Chrome from this link

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