Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earthquake shakes Judge Judy

Judge Judy
Production for the Judge Judy show was delayed after an earthquake struck the Los Angeles area, Tuesday morning.

Judge Judy, like many in Hollywood Tuesday, was in the middle of taping her hit court series "Judge Judy" when a 5.4 magnitude quake hit 28 miles from Los Angeles.

The television courtroom shook, as did cameras, and many people didn't know what to do, according to a spokesman of the show .

The clattering in the courtroom caused everyone to look for an exit.

But Mother Nature couldn't hold back Judge Judy Sheindlin and the production of the show for long.

After a break of about 45 minutes, production resumed, but did feel the aftershocks from the quake during the taping.

About 30 aftershocks were felt, no deaths, major injuries, or structural damage has been reported.

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